[PRODUCT] Release Note 2021.11.05

Details about our latest release

[PRODUCT] Release Note 2021.11.05

New Feature

1. Squash and Merge - SDK. This feature can merge all the commits on the current branch into a new draft, compare the new draft with the latest commit on the target branch, resolve conflicts between the two, and then commit the draft to the target branch as its latest commit. This feature realizes cross-branch merging.

New Improvements

A. Solved existing problems in model evaluation

    1. That is, for the dataset that failed for the evaluation, add [retry] operation, allowing second evaluation of it.

A Second Evaluation

   2. Labeled the PR curve axes

PR curve axes

B. Optimized redirection to the App developer homepage, supporting checking related introduction, contact information, data contribution, etc.

Redirection to the homepage

C. Optimized Action, adding the "manual" option to the trigger mode to support users to manually start the workflow.

mannual option