[NEWS] Linux Foundation and Graviti Announce Project OpenBytes to Make Open Data More Accessible to All

Graviti and Linux Foundation announced new open source project, OpenBytes, aiming to bring open datasets closer to the public.

Graviti and Linux Foundation announced project OpenBytes, aiming to bring open datasets closer to the public.

Today we are excited to announce Project OpenBytes, teamed up with the non-profit Linux Foundation, dedicated to making open data more available and accessible through the promotion of data standards and formats.

We know that scores of AI projects were held up by a general lack of high-quality data from real use cases. An initiative of project OpenBytes is to establish guidance to ensure data quality, with the help of the participating community. It will also reduce the risks for organizations and individuals interested in sharing their datasets with other AI/ML projects.

"The OpenBytes project and community will benefit all AI developers, both academic and professional, and at both large and small enterprises, by enabling access to more high-quality open datasets and making AI deployment faster and easier," said Mike Dolan, general manager and SVP of projects at the Linux Foundation, in a statement. By providing the vendor-neutral oversight from the Linux Foundation, project OpenBytes is enabled to establish standards, promote licenses, and share resources in a collaborative effort.

Acquiring higher quality data is paramount if AI development is to progress. To accomplish that, an open data community built on collaboration and innovation is urgently needed. Graviti believes it’s our social responsibility to play our part. We’re excited for what the future holds with the development of Project OpenBytes, and we always look forward to continuing to be an active part of the OpenBytes community.

For more information, please visit ​​OpenBytes. If you are interested in joining the community and supporting the project OpenBytes, please reach out.

Source: LinuxFoundation.org